The Blog

Untheism began as a home for the parody religion it is named after, and became a place for me to dump whatever came out of my brain. That included short stories and confusing ramblings about subjects including religion, rationality, philosophy and LGBT right. The blog is currently dead and will not update any more.

The Author

Current, AKA Sigmaleph, AKA me, is an Argentinian scientist-in-training and wannabe rationalist. She wants to become a better writer and apparently expects to accomplish this through the kind of things you see around here. She has been known to talk about herself in the third person for no good reason, and offers very little information about herself since she thinks most people will be bored by it.

If for some reason you wished to contact her, you can find her on Tumblr (@Sigmaleph), or just leave a comment anywhere in the blog.

The Readers

As far as anyone knows, they are entirely imaginary.

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