Psychflares are short stories produced in my attempts to become a better writer. Their topics range wildly, their styles somewhat. They can be funny or serious, stupid or, um, less stupid. Most of them should be considered drafts in need of improvement rather than finished products. Organised roughly by setting and order of appearance, they are:

Overworld (2 stories)
A world (or several) of philosophical concepts incarnated and religious figures fighting over trivial matters.

Taijitu and Chao: Overt symbolism. Quite literally.

The Arbiter: Starring Yog-Sothoth and everybody's favourite messiah. Plus someone else.

Vurok City (5 stories)
A city where some superpowered humans live and fight; most of then don't really care for morals or laws. Don't expect much in the way of heroes or villains, especially from the protagonists.

Void: The first story, introducing the world and the not very nice people that live there.

A Vurokian's Reflections: As the title implies, Void reflects after the events of the last story. Some backstory on Vurok itself.

Ananke: Ana has to take charge after the group has been left leaderless. Also, a new and very interesting job may be showing itself....

First Steps: The beginnings of La Sangrienta.

Fehu: First part of Machi's origin story.

Golden Skyverse (2 stories)
Originally much like our world, has since undergone quite the violent change.

Graduality: Journal-style writing, gender-bending, and lots of swearing (not that you can blame our poor narrator). So avoid it if you don't like that kinda thing.

Golden Sky: More of a stand-alone story, Graduality is just backstory to it. A tale of an old man and a young woman, and their disagreement as to how to save the world.

Others (3 stories)
All those not in a series

Henrich Lull: The first Psychflare. It's a tad disturbing, by the end. I feel like I should apologise a bit for it, but I'm not really sorry.

Ninjutsu: Ninjas, pseudoscience, and pseudoscience applied to ninjas!

The Rock of Truth: A short parable on precise meaning.

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