This is the latest version of the Church of Ungod's interpretation of the Revelation of Ungod. It's bound to undergo correction at some unknown point in time, and it is certainly not complete. Some is unknown, some is left unsaid, and some I forgot. So do keep that in mind.

The Revelation of Ungod

As understood by the Church of Ungod at this point in time

As we all know, there are things that exist. As most of us also know, there also things that cannot exist. But as most of you don't know, some things that don't exist still have a measure of reality greater than others. And the key to this lies in the mind.

The worlds of non-existence (from this point on "the wones") don't exist, as their name implies. But their non-existence is such that, from a certain perspective, they can be considered to exist. This perspective being of those within each wone, who might not exist but still have a right to an opinion, I figure.

Where does the mind come in? Well, as it turns out, the wones are shaped and inhabited by minds. When a mind thinks it often comes up with ideas, some of which are things. And when that happens, those thought-things begin to not-exist in a wone (as opposed to not-existing nowhere)

Each wone consists of ideas given reality (from this point on "nemis") that can cohabit with each other. By which I mean that, well, some nemis cannot by definition be in the same world. Say one nemi is a singing bull and another a natural law that states that bovines cannot sing, both nemis are incompatible and thus will never be found in the same wone. In addition to nemis, wones have minds, which are sometimes nemis, but sometimes aren't. That is because every mind that came to be in the existing world, like say you or me, will eventually end up in a wone. That happens when the mind ceases to exist, usually death.

A nemi is only as real and complete as the mind that created it can make it. That means, you can think of "a sheet of paper with a demonstration of Pythagoras' theorem", but that won't fully manifest in a wone as described unless you actually know a demonstration of Pythagoras' theorem. "Someone who knows everything" will be similarly incomplete unless the creator mind actually does know everything. The resulting nemi might act as if it did know everything, but it most definitely will not. Etcetera. This also prevents that which cannot exist from becoming a nemi. Thinking of square circles is fun and all, but since you can't actually describe how something is both a square and a circle, it doesn't appear.

Some nemis are not the direct result of a mind, but rather a side-effect of other nemis. If I imagine an animal that can reproduce, for example, the young will also be nemis, but I didn't actually think of them, only the circumstances that gave them origin. Likewise, if I imagine a time machine, I am also creating a rule that allows time travel in that particular wone, as a side effect of my time machine. If that wone already has a rule against time travel, then it will have to appear in another one. A new wone might appear for that very purpose.

All these rules about wones and nemis are embodied and in a sense enforced by an entity known as Ungod. Ungod is the only mind that was born neither existing nor nemi, as simply a fact of reality. Ungod has power over nemis and wones, to create them but also to uncreate them, to move them around as zie wishes, and to know as much about them as possible. Possibly others, but those are the ones that zie told us about. It is possible that it was Ungod who created existence as a special kind of wone, but zie has not confirmed nor denied that.

The core of Untheism is Ungod. That is, the belief in a god you know doesn't exist, but doesn't find non-existence a problem. Everything else is a matter of each untheist's interpretation of what existence means and how it works. The Church of Ungod offer their views in the matter, and some advice on what to do based on this knowledge, but it is our responsibility to inform you we are most likely wrong in at least some aspects of it.

There are no untheist sins, no point in praying to Ungod, and no known way to find out if we're right or not other than dying, which we do not recommend. You'll die eventually, no sense in rushing things. We do recommend thinking about it, and other things. If you're gonna spend an arbitrarily long period of time after death as just your mind, then practice in using it will come in handy.

Furthermore, it has been said that Ungod likes interesting ideas, and as far as we know that's true. And being in the good graces of the one entity that can permanently uncreate you is, we think, a wise course of action. You, however, might decide that you don't care what Ungod wants or not. Fair enough, I suppose, ultimately the decision is yours to make.

There is one more reason to encourage development of your mind. Actually, there's plenty of them, most of them mundane and not linked to Untheism. In any case, this one I'm not sure it's a good idea to talk about just yet. There's still some thinking that needs to be done on the subject. Don't concern yourself with it.


  1. The "Untheist" is an "Ex-Atheist" which was previously using the "Atheist" label by mistake and is not actually an "Atheist" at all. When this is realized, then said "Ex-Atheist" will step down from the "Atheism Pedestal" and simply claim "Untheism". But here's where it gets tricky... The "Untheist" doesn't necessarily have an "UnGod", but rather just another unknown version of "God" for lack of another label you have difficulty in finding which suits best. It is a God which exists only in the mind and every mind has a unique God relatively matching the owner of said mind. Such God could also be a root for Fate, Destiny, Karma, Luck, Personal Spiritual Energy, Natural Intervention, Emotion, or whatever you want to give credit to. It is a "Personal God" which one can use as a tool to help put the mind at ease, or use as a convenient answer you really wish you had. One of the best examples I can give for why one would do this is because of LOVE, not petty love, but the real pure deep naturally inner-spiritually connected heart-warming feeling of LOVE which moves you to do amazing things you wouldn't normally do for your happiness and/or the happiness of others... That Is God, your God meant for YOU, and nobody else. You can share this God, but it's still yours to keep. You don't have to throw it away anymore. Use this God for the sake of your own peace and shutdown that exhausting storm in your mind once and for all. Retire to the Bliss and be Happy again, once more, or for the first time.... Or NOT, because it also depends on whichever State-of-Mind you find to be the happiest. --- It's not a parody anymore, this seriously matches real people today, some just don't realize the Church Key comes in 3 pieces, and you must feel all 3, which is mind, heart, and energy, which unlocks a door to knowledge. Best way I can describe it. Might sound corny, might sound familiar, might sound similar, but a real God doesn't need a silly book to be known, because you wake up with one every day already. You know God. You don't need a damn book written by imperfect mankind.

    Sorry for babbling on your page. I get carried away sometimes. LOL

    Cheerio and have a nice day... or not, your choice.

  2. Are you debating the definition of the made-up words in this page?