Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evaluation: Golden Sky 5

Yes, it is Tuesday, and not Monday. Sorry about that, no real excuse other than "by the time I remembered it was way too late to get started and I needed to sleep". (One day I'll figure out why I apologise to imaginary readers, but today is not that day).

In somewhat better news, progress! I'm pretty sure where everything fits now, all that's left to figure out is whether to fill one particular blank spot or leave it blank. I'm tending towards the latter option, will be what happens if I don't get any good ideas to fill it with this week. Not long till the end, now, I think, but I have a habit of being wrong about that.

I'm thinking of eliminating one aspect of the story that gets almost no mention, but it just might survive to the end and the big "action scene". I'm terrified of writing that, I suck at action, but I need to learn some time, right? (I want to, at any rate).

Other than that, I'm kinda annoyed about Anna's dialogue, it sounds too adult. She's supposed to be 10 (in this particular part) and I have no idea how to write her to be more childlike but still herself, mostly because her character is built around her being unusually smart. So she talks about deep stuff (sort of), and it sounds older than it should. Very tempting to just say "fuck it" and leave it at that. Shitty, but very tempting.

Not much else to say. This week better be productive.

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