Monday, June 6, 2011

Evaluation: Fehu 5

Not much to say today. The story still goes ahead at my characteristically sluggish pace, some parts I'm happy with, others less so. I'm not sure if I'm conveying the right feeling with what I write (but most likely not) and I don't know how to improve it.

I just realised an obvious trick I haven't been using that would probably help. Quantifying! Keeping track of exactly how much I write per day (or per week) should be a decent measure of progress, plus it leaves a clear trail of how my rate evolves over time, plus having a number makes it easy to set a target which helps self improvement.

So as of today I'll include a wordcount so I can depress myself with how little I get done!

Fehu total: 2606

This week: 361

Pathetic, I know. I get distracted.

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