Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Evaluation: 0-TAPIR

What the hell is 0-TAPIR, you ask? A working title. Project TAPIR is what I like to call the novel I've been wanting to write for many years now and restarted several times. What I've got right now is a prequel of sorts to it, a story that happens in the same continuity involving some of the main characters. Hence the zero. (The zero goes at the beginning because otherwise it messes up the Evaluation count.

0-TAPIR is specifically the story of Mielen (name subject to change), but also in a way the story of why the world is as it is. A small part, because she wasn't there for a lot of it, but that's to be filled by other characters. Mielen's story has changed a lot throughout the years, most of the changes meant to remove clichés and depower her, because damn was she absurdly powerful originally. Now, she's might actually be at a disadvantage against some people! I'm so proud of myself.

Wordcount: 1344

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