Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 3

So yeah, I know it's not Monday today, either. It's less than a week since the last one, though, so I'm counting this one as a victory. Over what, I don't know.

So I finally wrote out all the scenes I had planned out, and sure enough I'm getting ideas for new ones. I think I'm closer to the final product, content-wise. I already got a decent idea about recycling a character from the original Void story (that is, the fanfic that inspired Vurok) in a role that'll be useful to introduce another new character I'm very much looking forward too. So yay!

Style-wise is difficult. I'm still trying to figure out reported vs actual dialogue. I'm consciously alternating between them right now, and the result isn't horrible, but not ideal either. I'll see what works.

Things I hate about Vurok, so far: That I can't pause in the middle of action scenes and make characters have lengthy conversations. I made a minor reference to that in Void, or rather Void did since it was part of his narration. Today I wanted Ananke and Void to stop and debate the ethical implications of theft but they were in a hurry and it made no sense to stop and argue that. Curse my silly ideas of internally consistent narrative universes where I have to bother about making sense. I think I can fit the conversation elsewhere, and probably will, but it still bugs me. If it was an Overworld psychflare it wouldn't be a problem... (Overworld being the setting where The Arbiter takes place, but also goes beyond that. It's the general kind of story where I can play around with embodied philosophical concepts. In that sense, Taijitu and Chao is also and Overworld psychflare, even if its world is not the same as the one in The Arbiter)

As two minor comments 1) I apparently have continuity now. This being a story of actual events that take place after Void (as opposed to ramblings which are what take place in Reflections), references to minor points of Void where made. This isn't a big deal, or shouldn't be, but I feel its significant.
And two, I'm adding needless layers of hidden meaning as a way to entertain myself while deciding on minor details. I already do that a bit with numbers in my not-actually-in-progress novel, but I figure names work just as well. Anagrams!

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