Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 4

Yes, as any hypothetical regular readers would have noticed, it's once again not Monday and about two weeks after my last evaluation. Blame rap music or something if that bothers you.

So I wrote yet another page of Ananke, and about the one thing I have accomplished is realise how much I like to make characters ramble on various subjects, in this case the morality or lack thereof of their actions. Apparently I have recurring themes! Who knew?

OK, I also managed a little bit of character development. Namely, Lightedge is the "new guy" (an ad hoc decision to justify a bit of exposition) who is still uncomfortable around the the sociopaths he has chosen to surround himself with and Machi, erm, isn't. That was important, actually, because the conversation was first written with their roles reversed and I noticed it clashed with my mental ideas of who the characters are. I had no idea I had managed to develop personalities for characters who aren't Void. Hurray for not being as shitty a writer as I think I am! (This is the point where I am reminded that Void doesn't have a personality and that I make Stephenie Meyer look like the lovechild of J.R.R. Tolkien and Ursula K. Le Guin)

And that's it. I might, might, interrupt the work on Ananke to write another psychflare that will most likely make no fucking sense at all. Personal reasons.

Oh, and I finally got around to getting a Creative Commons button on the blog. Not that I expect anyone to ever want to reproduce or alter my work in any shape, way or form at any point in the future, but if they do, they now know they can! (Provided they mention I'm the original author, it's for a non-commercial purpose, and they share under those same conditions. Or personally ask for an exception to any of those rules which I'll probably be too shocked to deny)

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