Friday, June 19, 2009

Answers in Images

[No será traducido en acorde con la regla 2.718, en este caso invocada porque las imágenes originales están en inglés. Sigo trabajando en lo del formato y traducción discutido previamente]

I take a short break from this business of blog improvement I mentioned in my last post which you know nothing about because it was in another language to comment on a couple of images coming from, eternal source of creo-crap. First, this billboard, which they thought would send a nice message:

Beautiful, ain't it? You can just smell the tolerance and understanding exuding from it. Excuse me while I go puke.
In any case, I have to thank them. I want nothing else than hear someone complain about the atheist bus signs...

Image number two comes from CreationWise, the AiG webcomic:A remarkably concise example of both appeal to authority and circular logic, it'd be a great parody if it wasn't, y'know, serious. Hell, I can almost picture it as a cectic comic.
I now return to translating stuff I wrote a year ago and nobody will ever read in the name of consistency. Yay?

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