Sunday, June 7, 2009


If you observe unbelievers for a long time, you'll notice a curious trend: they seem to love cats. Not necessarily in a carnal way, although I doubt they are above it, but certainly an almost worshiping adoration. Just to give an example, if you visit a certain well known den of immorality, you'll see no respect for any religious figure whatsoever. In fact, blasphemy and desecration seem to be encouraged, and possibly enforced by peer pressure. However, they are fiercely defensive of cats, to the extent they have launched 'crusades' against animal abusers. You might want to look up Kenny Glenn for details.

Now, we are talking about a group that is largely in favor of killing unborn babies, sexual immorality, the use of violence against believers and spitting on the Word of God. In fact, they seem to hold no moral standard whatsoever. Yet, the moment they feel the merest hint of hostility towards a cat, they immediately begin to describe, in nauseating detail, all the atrocities they wish to perform upon the abuser. The 'why' of the matter has puzzled me for long. Disgusting as it may be, their eagerness to inflict horrific punishments is understandable, since they have no sense of appropriate punishment. The mystery is why cats.

A lot has been said about how those who repress their natural love of God must turn it towards another target, and I certainly believe there's some truth to that. Usually, it's themselves, but a pet might also be seen as an acceptable substitute, much like they consider them a good replacement for children. But that still doesn't explain why they all choose cats and not any other object or animal.

Another explanation is that they see themselves in them. Anyone who has owned a cat and a dog will tell you the about the obvious difference between them. A dog is a kind and affectionate companion, always seeking to share their love with their master. A cat, however, is an independent being, who cannot appreciate humans but as a source of food and warmth. Certainly, those that live off the world God gave them without expressing any gratitude over it can see themselves reflected, on some level, in a cat. But I doubt that's the whole story.

No, the answer does not lie in complex psychological issues, but it is in fact much simple. The first hint was another trend I observed in unbelievers, namely, their childish attitude of replacing the names of God and Jesus with pagan deities. When I noticed it, it was a bit confusing. Surely, someone who claims to believe in no gods would be equally opposed to naming any of them? Initially, I disregarded it as just another incongruity of their group, Lord knows they have plenty. But at second examination, I noted one they referred to with unusual regularity was Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess. And, digging a bit deeper, I found they gave her other names, such as Ceiling Cat or Longcat, under which the fact they use her as God substitute becomes even more evident, going as far as to write an entire mockery of the Bible in her honor.

It is no secret that pagan religions were created as a tool of the Prince of Lies to lead us away from the truth of Christ. Ancient Egypt was certainly one of Satan's greatest achievements, and he knows that what worked once will work again. Atheism is nothing else than the cult of Bast, with a new face adapted to the modern era. Atheist will deny it, they might not even know it, but their actions put the lie to their words. They worship Satan behind the mask of the cat.


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