Monday, October 11, 2010

Evaluation: Under the Surface 1

So begins work in a new Psychflare. As mentioned in the comments for Ananke, it's the sequel for Graduality. It's narrated by Anna (the baby born at the end), which marks the first psychflare whose narrator's first name is known (Denise might count, but her original first name is never stated).  I keep track of stuff like that for some reason or another.

As of now, I'm not entirely sure as to what should happen. The plot is a very vague cloud of uncertainty, which you might deduce gets in the way of actually writing the story. Right now, Anna's mostly rambling and developing her character while I figure out which events should take place. Much like what was the beginning of Void and then got transplanted into Reflections.

Two particular events I have already figured out, both serve to establish Anna's resources, so to speak. Money and followers, particularly. I'm considering what the source of conflict might be, options being human, demonic or angelical. That in turn will develop the specific conflict and from then on it all becomes much easier. Hopefully.

Some point, preferably soon, I should create an actual index page for Psychflares, should happen when I become less of a lazy bastard. Don't hold your breath. And that's all I have for now.

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