Monday, October 25, 2010

Evaluation: Under the Surface 3

Wrote quite a bit this week, relatively speaking (as much as the last two together, but still only one page). It deals just with how Anna made her fortune, and next up is her follower base. I've been plotting a few things for later, though the general plot is still hazy. I'm not sure how much I want to happen now and how much later, but it seems likely this one will turn into a series.

I still need to solve the specific antagonists, but I have a decent idea for that. It involves factions! Of beings! Who, um, fight the other factions. Which I suppose is what factions in general do. Anyway, yeah. There's gonna be a group to which our not quite heroine doesn't belong messing things up. Probably.

On the subject of not-quite-heroism, I find it a bit annoying that Anna's ethics are a tad too reminiscent of my Vurok Pathers. The basic "hurt those that hurt people, cause they deserve them" thing. Not that she would ever be as kill-happy as Void or La Sangrienta, they don't have the same targets, but it's the general method that bugs me. I should be able to come up with different ways to be morally ambiguous, right? I mean, I can pull off psychotically indifferent to humans with Mielen (you don't know her), ethically-muddled death-obsessed with the Pathers, Anna should have a new angle. The original idea for her was "lax about ends justifying means", but that is too generic. I should work on personalising that, maybe a few likes and dislikes, and how she justifies it to herself. That one's supposed to be big for her, really, not the same way the rest simply stop giving a shit. So, that's probably a good approach, I'll see how I can write it.

And that's it for tonight, see you when I do, which is never, most likely. I'm still not sure you exist, for one.

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