Monday, January 31, 2011

Evaluation: 4-Vurok 1

Well, new story in the works. Title-less so far, but it's the 4th in the Vurok canon, hence the name.

While the first couple of pages were easy, now I've hit the point of bloackage, so to speak. I came up with plenty of ideas about how the plot moves froward from now on since I finished Ananke, but as luck would have it I forgot most of them. Stupid, I know. They weren't too detailed out, anyway, so it's not like I would've sent them straight to paper (word processor) the moment I remembered them, but still. Knowing more about what I had decided sure would come in handy.

But I'll remember eventually and recreate what I can't. I'm more concerned about what I have written than by what I will write, by which I mean past stories. It's becoming increasingly obvious that some things in Void, Reflections and (to a lesser extent) Ananke should be reworked to make more sense and fit in with new things. How much, I'm not sure. Will I actually do it, I still don't know. It should be kept in mind that, however much I speak of "finishing" stories, they are rough drafts. I don't have a loyal fanbase that will be offended if I change them, that I can be sure of. I don't think anyone who isn't me has read more than two psychflares, let alone have any emotional attachment to the state things are now. But I am lazy, that much is evident. So getting motivated enough to rewrite and reupload is not going to be too easy.

About the writing itself... not terrible, I suppose. Managed to make work a few things I couldn't for a while, so that's good. More about Void's powers is revealed, and the Spirit of Darkness makes her first appearance (as something other than a part of Void himself, that is). A bit more on the Ana/Void relationship, which is glaringly absent from past issues. I suck at writing romantic relationships, maybe I should retcon them into fuckbuddies rather than a couple. We'll see.

Will be away from civilization and thus writing and blogging starting next Sunday. That might mean an early evaluation this week, or simply nothing until I get back. I'll work more on Project Tapir then (since I write that on good ol' pen and paper), that might see some notes here as well.

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