Monday, January 17, 2011

Evaluation: Golden Sky 6

So... yeah. Lately, I'm in this "work -> check forums, blogs, webcomics, and other internettery -> holy shit it's midnight -> sleep -> work" cycle. I'm not sure why, but I'm having less free time that I used to ("free" time defined as time not spent in activties part of my daily cycle, which means forum time is not free time). And writing time is a subset of free time. Plus, I'm trying to teach myself Python, which eats into my writing time even more. And then I'm unmotivated and blah. So shit like this happens, when I don't write for weeks. The obvious solution is restructure my daily activities to give writing higher priority, but I'm terrible at implementing obvious solutions that cut into my easy recreation time. I'm working on it.

At least, Saturday I managed to get my ass properly geared and write at least a few paragraphs (from which the last post came, you may have noticed).  Writing some more now, though a part of it was a rewriting of Saturday's stuff. So, not as much done in net wordcount, but at least better in quality. Some parts of what I wrote were so ad hoc they deserved to be killed.

So there's where I am right now, fixing a mess into slightly better mess. I'll do that reprioritising thing, if it works I should have this finished soon, if it doesn't, time to find something else.

One day I'll find a way of self-improvement that doesn't rely on piling hacks after hacks. Maybe. Then again , maybe not, the human brain was not exactly built to be reworked from the inside into something better. Hope them AI scientists hurry up so I can both upload my mind to computer and rework it into something functional. Maybe someone else would approach something more structured that doesn't involve turning into a cyborg, but virtually anything on that front seems to come from a consortium of snake oil pedlars and woo fluff-bunnies (Both sell you bullshit that doesn't work, but the former charge more and know they're lying)

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