Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Evaluation: Golden Sky 7

Yay, progress! I got back on track and the story is moving forward at a respectable pace. It could be finished by this time next week. It could be finished by this time tomorrow, probably, if I took the time to write it. But oh well, I can't write and dick around on the 'tubes and read papers on decision theory all at the same time. OK, I already finished that paper. But it was long, ok? Fascinating and long and is this sounding suspicious to anyone else?

My reprioritization trick is still not working out, but I'm not giving up yet. I just found myself a treasure trove of useful resources that could be bumped to priority status, and while that might mean less writing time, it means more self-improvement time. Well, one specific kind of self-improvement, namely absorbing knowledge, but it's one I like anyway.

So, on the story itself. I like what I wrote today and yesterday, not as crappy as I'm used to on first impression, but that might just be that I haven't re-read it yet and found the stupid errors and annoying style and bare descriptions and poorly formatted dialogue and oh ungod I'm depressing myself already. Fuck that, I'm happy. I got stuff done, that's the important part.

So, it's all setting the scene for a big confrontation. I'm not exactly sure how this goes from now, the original plan called for splitting this in two scenes but I think it'll flow better if it goes all together. Make more sense, too.

And... uh... there's a building. And a minor character whose entire personality is being polite and scared of people who look like crazy serial killers. Also he has magical powers but that's not really relevant.

So, see you next week, imaginary readers! Unless I finish it before, in which case see you then. Or some of you become real and pay me a visit. I don't know which absurd scenario is more improbable (yes I do).

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