Monday, April 11, 2011

Evaluation: Void Origins 2

My most insincere apologies for not having anything up last Monday. Truth be told, I had made little to no progress with the story. And, my internet connection had been unusually slow, which ate up time I'd normally use to write. Plus it annoyed me.

As it turns out, all of the above remains true, but I thought two straight weeks without updating was slipping into bad habits. So, the state of the thing so far:

It's less than one page long so far, partly because I've only written anything 2 or 3 of the last 14 days. Also partly because I changed my mind about the direction the plot was going, so I rewrote about half of that one page today. I'm still in the awkward "trying to ease into the main plot" stage, but I've passed a small hurdle.

I'm still not too sure about where the story goes from here, which is a bad sign. Right now, the big problem is that there is an entirely different story developing in my head. I'd work on that, but: The main character is overpowered, there is little to no plot, and it's heavy on visuals. Meaning, I cannot write it. So instead of imagining how Void gets out of the family business and discovers his powers, furthering the plot of the current Psychflare, my brain prefers to think about Nameless Protagonist killing bad guys with his magic weapon. I suck.

But anyway. I know what the main stimulus for that is (fanfiction I'm reading), so in a few days it should be done with and maybe I can focus on the stuff I want to focus on. We'll see, as always.

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