Monday, August 16, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 5

An evaluation on a Monday? Three consecutive days of posting? Who the hell am I and what have I done with, er, myself?

So Ananke is progressing nicely into what is almost certainly going to be the longest Psychflare so far. I say this because it's five pages long already and I'm barely starting. Good news is, the plot has been thoroughly introduced, I'm making way with setting down groundwork for future Vurok stories, and I'm closing up a few loose ends.

Bad news is I still don't like the style, I still have no idea how to end it, and there's a part coming up that I will definitely fuck up in some way. Plot-wise, that is. I simply don't know enough about a subject, and I can't think of any way to research it, so I'll have to make it up on the spot and hope it makes enough sense. A specific ending seems more and more tempting, but I can't figure out how to build up to it. Odds are that's what's going to happen, since A) I tend to work backwards from endings whenever I have the chance and B) It leads to a nice intro for whichever next Vurok story. Probably from Machi's point of view this time, I think I'm neglecting her.

I'm not quite sure about how much exposition on Ananke's powers I should do, because I don't know if they make sense to anyone else from the descriptions I've provided so far. They make sense to me, but then I've been thinking about them for quite a long time now. Longer than Void's powers, cause his keep changing. Which reminds me, I still haven't introduced Void's signature power yet. Though I'm sure I can work a chance for it, it'd have to be an action scene, which means no explanation of what's going on until later. I'll find out a way around it.

In not quite psychflare related news, I'm kind of happy with the new version of Untheism. The religion, not the blog. It makes more sense than the original. And, after reading a lot of Discordian stuff, I find it kind of funny how Ungod has a superficial equivalent in Aneris. Makes me wonder if I should give zir an antagonist...

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