Monday, August 23, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 6

And so, at the not terribly impressive rate of about one scene a week, Ananke marches on. Yes, I used to write about four times faster, but I'm busy with other things and honestly, I don't see the point in rushing myself and thus not enjoying the actual writing. I feared that I'd eventually just give up on the project as I did with any other story that took longer than two weeks, but apparently this evaluation thing works. At least, it seems to be working. Now's definitely too early to declare victory.

I got a name for Icarus (the name, in case you're wondering, is Icarus), which is so far my favourite character that hasn't had a single appearance yet (she got a mention though). Samarkand got a name far earlier, by comparison, and I'm still not quite sure about him and might end up not writing him at all. His only role so far was taken over by Icarus, and while he might get another so far he's not crucial. Why am I talking to my hypothetical readers about characters they know nothing about since they haven't had any appearances yet? Who knows, the answer's probably "It's fun". Also that nobody reads these so who cares what I write about. Seriously, as far as I remember my logs show nobody but me ever clicks an evaluation, but they for some reason read my ramblings in languages they (probably) can't read about random idiots sending letters to the editor. So yeah.

I also found a nice way to introduce another scene that's kinda important to the overall story, if not this particular chapter of it, and the ending is solidifying. I think I can trace a path between where I am and the ending, which means the hardest part is almost over. Don't get your (my) hopes up, though. It still needs work and I might spontaneously lose interest. I'll do my best not to, that's the most I can say.

Flaws! Dialogue annoys me to no end. I never know if it's possible to follow it but I don't want lots of Machi said and Ananke said every time. It also keeps sounding fake to me, but no idea what to do about it. And I keep having to reconsider minor plot details because they are inconsistent. Or at least don't get along too well. Which means that there are probably other plot holes I'm not seeing and might only notice when it's too late. I'll have to ponder more.

I have another story I want to work with, but it's far too Whateley for my tastes. Less superheroes, but more special school for whatever. I want original ideas! Why do I keep getting the ones which I know I'll hate to write because I'll keep thinking "You're ripping them off, you fucking copycat!". So fuck it, it's getting put behind the queue. I have Dusk and Thesis to write, which I know makes no sense to anyone else but it's for me so that's ok. I have a little other thing which has a character I love but almost no plot yet. The sequel to Graduality, which is still very early in planning. And then time travel, gender-bender, pseudophilosocrap, mystic crap, gender-bender, gore, creepy, parody, and gender-bender. Yes, Journal was only scratching the surface of that particular interest of mine. In any case, demonschool is put on hold until the plot develops enough it's not a ripoff. Perhaps not to the end, because it's fun to work with and has more plot than most of those, but it certainly won't be next.

And, er, that's it for now. I hope you imaginary people reading this enjoyed the look into my works in progress.

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