Monday, August 30, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 7

Guh. I'm more or less over that strangling feeling that I can't write, which is probably brought about because I think I know how to get to the end. But damn, it's been hard finding time. I was sucked into an endless vortex of forums, webcomicsa and blogs (the usual, that is) but also fanfiction and manga. Yes, fanfiction. Namely, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality blew my mind in twelve different ways, thirteen if you count "Wait, there's good HP fanfics?". Go read it now if you like super-scientific child prodigies, attempts to make understand and abuse magic, and poking fun at Harry Potter. As for manga, I got my hands on twenty previously unread chapters of Hunter X Hunter, which is somewhere around Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist in the competition for best ungoddamned thing to ever come out of Japan. Mind further blown. So, my point is, I have stuff to write but little time to do it.

Good news is, 7dash! Another character I've been wanting to write for some time made his appearance. I also censored myself and gave him trousers, mostly to avoid having to think about whether he has cyborg genitalia. Which, come to think of it... nope, you don't need to know my fetishes. Move right along.

More good news is that I like how the passage describing him and his lair turned out. I'm not sure if it's something anyone else would like, but I do. Bad news is I have trouble describing the seen that follows, mostly because it's too, I dunno, normal. Quirks of my brain. I'll figure it out, though. And I have good ideas for the conversation following it, though that will make me annoyed at how I write conversations yet again. Fucking dialogue.

I want to write this, and I can write it. If I find a way to make the time... I'm not saying it'll be done by next week. But I am saying it could be done by next week. Or the next one. Or possibly the next one. And that makes me giddy with anticipation. I will finish this, and then edit it, and then publish it, and laugh at the part of me that says I could not, and then nobody will read it but that their problem, not mine. Then I'll write something else. It may take another two months, but that's ok, I'm writing and it's awesome and I'm creating an ungoddamn universe and raping the English language with run-on sentences. Sorry about that.

Point is, this is a good time. I like being alive right now. It feels... like it should.

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