Monday, September 27, 2010

Evaluation: Ananke 9

Well, I did say I'd take the last two weeks off from writing. Though now I must deal with the unexpected.

As it turns out, I noticed a pretty big hole in my plot, which I've had to rework. Good news is, I found a way around it, bad news is, it completely screws all my estimates. So now I need to trace a new path, and I've changed the ending. More accurately, the event that was going to be the ending has been moved later in time, towards the next chapter.

A bit of world-building regarding spirits takes place, which is important for both Machi and Void's powers. I really need to develop Machi's powers more, because something as vague as "magic" can work in 2.3 bajillion different ways depending on the fictional universe. Furthermore, plenty of powers within my universe work based on magic to an extent (Void and La Sangrienta being prime examples), without being the kind of powers Machi has which I call "witch" or "mage". So at least some of groundwork has been lain for that.

Two new characters appeared in my head, Kimairas and Horizon. Their codenames are derived from two old characters which have some similarities with them (actually Horizon is more like Sidereal, but I like the other codename better). Shapeshifter and psychic team. Lots of fun with them, but they won't appear yet in the story. I mean, I have to be fair to Vortex and Samarkand and Assembler and Masker (though the last two got passing mentions so far). And poor Pheromone got part of her powers stolen from her, but I really want to limit the number of shapeshifters in the story, so she'll have to make do with the powers she has left. She'll manage.

Speaking of shapeshifters, and leaving my own writing for a moment, I really do love Mimeo, the latest superthreat in the Whateleyverse. Has some of that attitude to life I wish I could instil into my characters (not the not-killing part, of course). Curse them for continuously reminding me how much I suck!

Anyway, that's what I have for now. Might interrupt evaluations next week to post a fragment of the latest incarnation (third so far) of my work-in-progress fantasy novel. Might not. We'll see.

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