Tuesday, September 14, 2010


No evaluation this week, nor the next one, probably. This due to the fact I haven't written anything the last seven days, nor do I plan to before next Monday, though because of different reasons.

This week, I got sucked into Less Wrong. It's amazing how much your perception of your rationality can change. Or, rather, it isn't. Everyone likes to assume they are rational, evidence shows that at least a significant percentage are wrong. If you truly strive to be rational, then abandoning your old delusions about the adequacy of your thought processes is a must. I can say with at least some confidence that I'm closer to certain objectives than I was before, but I'm nowhere near done. So, point is, I have devoted the last week to constantly re-evaluating the way I think and finding flaws. I plan to expend a lot more time on that in the future. That cuts into my writing time, hence, no writing gets done.

Next week, though, that's mostly because of prioritising. Stuff needs to get done before next Monday, so no writing until then. Maybe some will happen Monday night. Who knows, I certainly don't.

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