Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Evaluation: Golden Sky 3

Hurray for updates. Busy this week, don't expect an evaluation on Monday (standard "unless I get really productive on Monday itself" disclaimer applies)

So, Jack is now officially Jack, by which I mean I have decided that yes, that'll be his name, or at least what people call him (not sure what his birth name is, which you'll notice is often something I tend to omit). Though he has another weird nickname in the community. I couldn't resist. Anna has been mentioned by name as well, by now her place in what's to come is clear, even if "what's to come" is not. From the writing, at least, I actually do have a pretty decent idea of what the big event is in my head, but it takes a bit more background to show it. Probably in the next scene

Wrote and rewrote a part, which was sounding quite awful. It's somewhat better now, but I'm still not happy with it (I never am, with dialogue). Eventually I'll get the hang of it. Eventually. Maybe.

What's coming up is a pretty big part I'm not sure how to write, it's kind of something the plot hinges on so I don't want to simply handwave it away, but it's tricky to find a decent explanation. Still, I know I'll be much happier with myself and with the story if I can make it work, and it shouldn't be that hard. I'm feeling confident.

So... um, characterization, I suppose is coming along, maybe somewhat not really. Jack, possibly. Anna, she's just appeared, and her character has undergone much rewriting I'm still not sure what will show up in Golden Sky and what died with Under the Surface. So I have to work on that. This next part, again, pretty much key for that.

As for the rest of the plot, well, it's not entirely clear right now, but I know the rough aspects of it. Like I keep observing, writing is so much easier when I have an ending to work towards, instead of a beginning to work from. And Golden Sky's final scene just so happens to be its introduction, so I know the ending quite concretely. All a matter of getting there, now, and I can pull that off. My life is gonna get rescheduled quite a bit staring next Monday, so writing time is unpredictable, but if it all goes well I might be close to finishing this. But I'm not getting my hopes up, just yet. As always, we'll see.

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